A Farewell 

Friends, it saddens me to say that Mastodon is hard on my psychospiritual health. I am posting this excerpt from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, Peace is Every Step, because when I read this, I cried. The “cookie” in my soul has been buried in shit. I am discontent. I am unhappy. I am scared. I am hurting. I am a recovering addict and I am allowing Mastodon to compromise parts of my recovery. I need to be present here and now. That’s good. That’s ok. That’s God.

A Farewell 

@JosiahRA so I am leaving Mastodon for a season. Please feel free to email me at chaplainja@gmail.com. Some of you have my number. If you want some contact info, please reply to this post and I’ll connect with you. I love you. Yes, you. You’ve helped make my life better. Thank you. Namaste.


A Farewell 

@JosiahRA My sincerest well wishes, my friend. I hope you find what you need during this season. Grace, peace, and love be with you always.

We will be eagerly waiting to see you again. Thank you for being here and for making this community even better.

We love you, dear friend. And if I may be so bold, I love you too.

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