depressing poem about a faltering faith 

Where did you go?

I was told to follow, and so I followed,
But now it seems that I'm all alone.

Our footsteps have been washed away.
Leaving me without proof, or a path back home.

I looked away for just one moment,
Which is all it took for you to disappear.

Were you just an imaginary friend
Whom I outgrew over the years?


depressing poem about a faltering faith 

You had my back,
But maybe you were only
Fulfilling a maintenance request.

'Cuz a wall was built.
It does its job, and you've done yours,
So now the carpenter must have left.

You are a social psychosis
Which we invent in our times of need.

A necessary neurosis
To cope with the imperfect lives we lead.

Even now,
As I shiver while the air thins and grows colder,
I swear,
I can feel your hand now resting on my shoulder.


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depressing poem about a faltering faith 

@silas That's beautifully sad, my friend. Or reminds me of something out of the Book of Lamentations, but with a modern spin.

Any particular inspiration for this one?

depressing poem about a faltering faith 

@thewestislandsystem A few members of my family have been talking about the miracles happening in their lives, while my spiritual life has been pretty dead lately. :/ It feels like I've been talking to a wall.


depressing poem about a faltering faith 

@silas Sorry to hear that, man. Those times of silence can be really tough. I've definitely been there. It's enough to make you feel crazy.

At the risk of sounding a bit Christianese, I've tried to learn to be comfortable with the sacred silence of things before I was able to hear the still small voice again.

I'm praying you find something that works for you and reinvigorates your spiritual life, friend. We're here to help in any way we can.

depressing poem about a faltering faith 

@thewestislandsystem Thank you, this has been encouraging for these past few days.

I read Howard Thurman's "Jesus and the Disinherited," which helped me see the power in the teachings. It's a bit of a distraction from His sacred silence, so I may be cheating a little bit with your advice :P

depressing poem about a faltering faith 

@silas I'm glad that it helped you out. I'm glad that it addressed a bit of what you were needing.

And don't worry, when it comes to growing your faith, there's no such thing as cheating. In fact, you could say that the silence of God helps us to hear our own voices, as well as the voices of others with wise teachings of their own.

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