"A lot of Autistics who are living in dire circumstances who would be dead if it wasn’t for their chosen family standing up for them."


When writing as critical scholars of religion about the impacts and role of religion in society we need to broaden our remit, and must do so quickly.


Fewer than 10% of Autistic people have never had an internal world.

And even fewer, still, never have internal conversations with others.


Breaking Up With White Supremacy Was Always The End Game

“You will, one day, be faced with pulling ‘whiteness’ down out of the clouds and seeing it not in ideas but in people, written on bodies you have touched, scattered across relationships that have sustained you. You will see it in your family photographs and in the age spots of hands that reach for you. You will, one day, look across a table at the kindest sociopaths you have ever loved.”


:: Do people think/tell you that you look *a lot* younger than you actually are?

A great tool I discovered:

When I'm trying to read something online I get overwhelmed by the length and lose interest/focus fast. Getting a summary of the text first really helps me.

This site auto-generates text summaries (from URL or file upload).


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