You are not “too” anything. You are not too much, too loud, too weak.

RHE, grief 

Sorry I've been pretty absent lately; I've been struggling just to take care of myself lately.
I have a question for those of you on the spectrum (who are willing/able to answer). If you self-diagnosed, how did decide being on the spectrum fit you better than other diagnoses (like anxiety, OCD, shy, etc.)? My mom used to say she thought I had Aspergers (before it came into the spectrum), and I have a stack of problems that *might* be better explained on the spectrum. I just don't know *shrug*

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"But as St Antony the Great says, “God no more turns from the sinner than the sun ceases to shine for the blind.” Distinguishing between ontological separation and existential alienation helps us see the both/and of the Father’s unfailing love and the depths of our experience our experience in my abyss — which is exactly where God found me."

~ Brad Jersak


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Alternatives to Big Tech Companies 

Does anyone know how to approve follower requests on the Mast app???? I just switched to this app and cannot find it *anywhere*

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The Oxford comma does not get the attention it deserves.

As @mike correctly points out, the fact that people think it is optional is a blight on our language. Future generations will shake their heads in disbelief and shame.

My head just changed “Immigrants - we get the job done” to “Liturgists - we get the job done” and I’m dying 😂

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Me: *looking at my phone in the elevator*

Old White Texan Guy: there’s nothing magic about that thing, ya know.

What I Said: it lets me talk to my boss in Chicago; that’s magic

What I Should Have Said: it lets me look at something besides YOU; that’s magic... bitch (in a gender neutral sense)

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Came across this yesterday and loved it. A better way of supporting your hurting friends!

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Bushi Yamato Damashii is bringing straight 🔥 on this week’s pod.

“Understanding is not a requisite for cooperation with other human beings when they are suffering.”

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Do good - whenever you can, wherever you can, for whoever you can. You’ll feel better afterwards. 🖤✌🏽❤️

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Have you stretched recently? Do it now. It will help.

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Remember what Fr Rohr said....

“There is nothing to prove and nothing to protect. I am who I am and it's enough.”

Have a blessed day y'all.

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psssst the toot is a cute sound from a mastodon trunk, not a fart

pass it on

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Life isn’t about perfection; Life is all about mistakes. Life isn’t about having it all figured out; Life is constant change and growth.

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