We officially have a state where magic mushrooms will be decriminalized! 🙌👏🍄 now to make sure the public knows how to use them responsibly and safely though 😬

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Started getting a little overwhelmed with the requests for the awakening sessions (which have been so fun and beautiful!), so I got a website to help automate the process. It's www.awakeningsessions,.com if you're interested ❤️

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I’m going to do a special episode of my podcast (THIS) where I answer your questions about the book (THIS). Please post those questions here. (Is this confusing?)

“My view does not presume “we” are “real” or “simulated” - It does not exclude or include any view of an afterlife” pg. 149 of THIS

This section got me curious as to how you perceive Mikes hyper-dimensional travels. In breakthrough stories we often presume the ego to be “dead”. Yet there is still an “I” that experienced traveling through temporal dimensions and relaying information with other “beings”. Are those stories any less real than the story of Mike?

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Thinking tonight about how vitally important religion is for so many people in this world. All of the great traditions have sheltered so many hurting and afraid people for thousands of years. This is worth remembering when we feel the (rightful) need to tear it down or take it apart in pursuit of truth, beauty, and love.

You know those HE > I stickers you see on all the hip Christians cars? Well I want to make and sell ‘SHE > I’ and ‘SHE ≥ I’ (for the non-dual folks) stickers.

Question is can I sell these without violating any ™ laws???

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Day 1: Introduction

I'm Laura and I'm self-diagnosed/identified as Autistic. I've been questioning and observing/learning from the community for about 2 years now, but have really embraced my Autistic identity in the last few months.

I'm going through a bit of self-discovery at the moment and not entirely sure who I am yet. I'm gender non-conforming and nonbinary and I've begun using they/them pronouns on here.

@vishnu I know it’s going to take some encouragement from these new, open-minded friends to fully let myself be known again but I think they’re up to it and on those bad days where I feel like I have to hide again, being able to hear you be The Alien I relate with so much gives me hope

Looking forward to hearing the nude song. I picture you laying under a tree writing it 🍄🌝🌳😂

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Listening to Am I this morning and reflecting on who I am and what @vishnu talked about in the latest TAATR

I’m thankful that you don’t apply a filter, V. When my faith started deconstructing and I realized I no longer had acceptable beliefs I reclused back so as to not be seen and to protect myself. Now I’m trying to learn how to share who I am and allow myself to be seen again now that I’m starting to make friends outside of Christianity.

@vishnu I, this weird and broken ego AND I MySelf enjoyed today’s podcast. I don’t hear an asshole talking. Rather I hear something within MySelf being expressed out here in This. Thank you, beloved.

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If I were to seek a prescription I would want to keep the doses small and not do more than 2-3 doses a week depending on my task list. I don’t want to turn into an emotionless robot though which is what I’ve heard can commonly happen to people who use these drugs long term and become dependent on them.

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@timothyallen I have a little bit of experience with amphetamines: when I was 10 I was prescribed Concerta but didn’t stay on it long as it turned me into an apathetic zombie child. And in high school I tried aderall twice and had a more positive experience of turning into a productivity machine that thrived off of completing tasks and staying busy.

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Does anyone have experience w/ having a healthy & balance relationship with amphetamines? I’m an INTP 5w4 with the classic problems of finding motivation. I want to go back to school because I do love learning and want to get equipped to do cool shit w/ my life. But I’m scared that I won’t put the time in that’s necessary to succeed.

I’m currently teaching myself to code online but even w/ having all the free time in the world It’s hard to practice consistently.

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In honor of yesterday’s Osteen ‘Taco Titles’ toot and @vishnu sharing about losing his Grammy to ChrisT; today, I give you Tomlin songs I’d like better with TACO in the title: 🌮 🌮 🌮

Good Good Taco
Taco, I Need You
Our Taco
How Great Is Our Taco
Taco of This City
I Lift My Taco
Here I Am to Taco

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I'd like my tl to be safe for expressions of neurodiversity.

I welcome any and all well-intentioned interactions, including those that are:
partial, incomplete, ongoing, slow
not what you meant
contradictory, paradoxical, tautological
info-dump or overshare (with standard cw's)
involve switching
other things I haven't anticipated or don't know about

#this podcast about happiness 

Listening to the episode and it’s so much what I need to hear. I’m also enjoying the synchronicity of having just watched the Pete Holmes special that was mentioned just last night. Anyone give This a listen yet? Are there parts that resonate with you? What is it that you’re wanting that isn’t a part of This? What is there today that we can celebrate together?

Last night I dreamt we ate some psilocybin and then went to a spa.

While I imagine something like this happening is way far off legally, are there any spiritual retreats in the works that you’ll be leading, @vishnu?

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