Help please. What are your favourite resources on , , and similar? With a faith slant or without.

I have the Ableism episode. Blogs, other podcasts, books, apps. Knock yourself out.

@emjric As others have mentioned, Neurotribes is really good for a deep, thoroughly researched look into the history behind our awareness and knowledge of autism. There is more recently revealed historical information about Hans Asperger's relationship with the Nazis.

I highly recommend Luke Beardon's book, Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Adults.

I especially like his term, the predominant neurotype (PNT) to describe neurotypical people.


@emjric Lots of blogs, but for sheer, organized information, it's hard to beat Musings of an Aspie.

A Thinking Person's Guide to Autism is also good.

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