autism, suicide

Across the board, there's an increased risk of suicide among autistic people. I find one of the quoted musings by a researcher pretty awful, though.

"Autism in and of itself, independent of intellect, seems to be an important contributor to suicidal thought — which makes one wonder if there’s a neurobiological relationship between the brain of someone with autism and the brain of someone who has mood problems and suicidal ideation,"

autism, suicide 

Seriously? The first thing that occurs to people is some sort of neurobiological difference causing higher rates of suicidality?

It seems like the first thing anyone should explore is how we're treated and what our experience of the world around us is like.

I have yet to hear any autistic person who hasn't faced rejection, hostility, isolation, abuse, or outright assault because we don't present and respond as others expect.

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autism, suicide 

Given that's a near universal experience, wouldn't the first thought be there might be some relationship with higher rates of suicidality?

But no. It's because our brains work differently.


autism, suicide 

And if that universal experience is correlated, then obviously there would be higher rates among those with intersecting marginalizations because their experience would be even worse.

So autistic women and POC would have higher rates of suicidality. Those who also have ADHD would have higher rates of suicidality. Etc.

Isn't it interesting that's exactly the sorts of correlations the study found.

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autism, suicide, me mocking assholes who think like that 

@tmorizot "well if your brains didn't work differently, you wouldn't perceive the justified response to your abnormality as something to get suicidal over" --- them, probably

autism, suicide 

@tmorizot nghh I can't with some researchers' fixation on biological determinism over social factors.

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