I'm loving this Liturgists instance but I think the only way that I can convince my Twitter-addled brain to check in here frequently is to find multiple communities to join so that my Home feed contains a sizable amount of relevant content.

Anybody come across any other vibrant communities out there?


@rainer following so I can see what people say. πŸ˜€

@trav so the more I've played around here, the more I've found that if you just follow the Federated timeline for a bit, you can find individual accounts to follow that will show up on your Home feed. There are a couple of autoposting pots that I've picked up following (Vox, NPR, BoingBoing, SlashDot) to help me find actual news style content.

There are also mobile apps that let you add accounts from different instances to take advantage of having separate Local Timelines - I'm using Mastalab!

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