@ErikB there’s only one future that actually will happen... right? I go back and forth on free will do much. I think ultimately it’s a mystery and impossible to really know.

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@mike Do young unarmed white men ever get killed by police? If so do the police get charged?

@markjperkins @hope I’m a bit annoyed about this. The original format was awesome.

@jamiebonsall @andrewmurray86 yep. TROK might be my all time fav band... top 3 or 4 easily.

@ErikB cool! I have heard sleeping at last that’s a good one. Will check our atlas one! Thanks. ☺️

I like to put music on to help my children go to sleep. This is my "Sleepy Time" playlist that I use most nights. Any recommendations for additions? itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/s

@Angelica @andrewmurray86 love the question by emery! So good. Do you like their new album?

@andrewmurray86 here’s some albums I can listen to from front to back:

The Beatles - abbey road (and most of their catalogue to be honest)
Jars is clay - Inland
Thrice - to be everywhere is to be nowhere
Fleet foxes - self titled
The reign of Kindo - play with fire
Case/lang/veirs - self titled
The brilliance - all is not lost
The lemon twigs - do Hollywood

There are many more. ☺️🎵

@jonrwillms @vishnu @mike no need to leave! All are welcome here regardless of sexual orientation or beliefs on the subject as long as you’re happy to respect those who are different to you. ☺️

@matt_shaffer ok the one I was thinking of is called hearthstone but my bro didn’t work on it. He says the one he did isn’t available anymore.

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