Early on there was a link posted to a list of privacy focused open source alternatives for different platforms but I didn't favorite it and I don't have it saved anywhere, anybody still have that kicking around?

@mike @vishnu I just listened to episode 100 today and I wanted to say that one of the things I have always appreciated most is your ability to bring different voices together, even when there is the risk of some of what that voice saying causing harm to some listeners. I know it's a fine line to walk about knowing what voices are worth the cost to include, and I appreciate the care you bring into creating brave spaces, even knowing you might frustrate half of your listeners.

Hey Liturgists fam - our little corner of the fediverse is apparently pretty hoppin! on the site instances.social, we are 52/5200 (top 1%!) in terms of number of users (3084), but 199/5200 in terms of toots - I guess that means we are less chatty than average. Thank you @mike for setting this up, and giving us an alternative to the Zuckerberg/Dorsey dystopian vision of social media. Good to be here with all of you!

It's sad to me that on June 8th I'm going to miss being able to go to a beard competition (and the possibility of entering said competition) because I'll be at a cider festival all day. Why must two fairly disparate areas of my life have events on the same day πŸ˜‚

It turns out that my employer is fundamentalist, but not hateful. I was able to come out here.
I came out on Tuesday. I kind of like my job now.
So since I don't have to hide anymore, here's my face.

In addition to buying cold medicine I wish I had thought ahead and bought more snacks.

Tabs and Wafers Boulder 

@Ricci did you find a home for the ticket yet? I know someone who was looking.

"Making mistakes is part of creation." - Ismail Akbulut

The deed has been done πŸ‘½πŸŒπŸ₯ͺ

Avengers Endgame 

Part of me still wishes I had the faith that would sustain praying that some ecumenical and/or interfaith retreat center would magically want to hire me out of the blue, cause that would really be nice. Either that or be gifted with a million dollars to start one up myself.

I'm feeling a mix of emotions this morning. Got up super early to come to the Easter Sunrise service at Red Rocks Amphitheater since a friend of mine is doing some of the music, but that also meant waking up to the news about the bombings in Sri Lanka just a few hours ago. And then I have work later. Going to be an interesting day.

Does anyone else here watch Into The Badlands? I'm going to be sad when it ends with this season, the aesthetics (particularly costume design) of the show are so on point!

Has anyone else watched Love, Death, & Robots? I found "Zima Blue" to be very, well, THIS

So ya know the farm house-y signs with Bible verses in brush font? I think I need to make some with quotes from like "Alienation of Labor" and Derrida and science Mike and see how long it takes people to notice

Hey @vishnu! Beloved! I love it when you call us beloved so please don't ever stop.

From church this morning...

Pastor: Who is to blame for the crashed airplanes?
My husband and I in unison under our breath: "capitalism."
Pastor: Who is to blame for the mass shootings?
My husband and I under our breath: "capitalism."

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