If you had to tell someone what the Liturgists is in one sentence, what would that sentence be? (Someone asked me that today, and I struggled a bit.)

Thanks for the responses everybody! Lot of really great ones in there. And fascinating how different the answers are, but somehow are all true!

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@Dan @vishnu just learned about the allegations against NDT the other day. 😭

@vishnu Hmmm. I might say a community that focuses on non-traditional spirituality, empathizing with “the other”, and empowering people who feel like outcasts in mainstream society

@vishnu while quickly talking to my 18-year old son about Mastadon, I said, “the liturgists are an important group trying to rescue faith in Jesus from what the church has made it, restoring the good to all people”

It actually dovetails into other conversations we hope to be having with him in the next couple months 🤞🙏

@vishnu an evolving snapshot of humanity struggling for truth, justice, nuance and presence in the midst of mountains of baggage and attachment.

That or a runaway podcast about spiritual life post fundamentalism turned social movement?

@vishnu “The Liturgists is a podcast advocating for the exploration of the synthesis (and independence) of art, science, and faith, much like one advocates for a wholistic approach to being well in your Heart, Mind, and Soul.”


“You should just search for a topic they probably have an episode on it trust me you’ll enjoy it.”

@vishnu A safe place to learn and grow about spirituality and deep life questions, outside the evangelical lens, with a goal of inclusion and growth and love.

@vishnu “a podcast about spirituality, with an emphasis on the Christian lens blending with “eastern” traditions”

@vishnu I tend to tell people who ask me something along the lines of, “it’s the place where I’ve been able to rest, but in podcast form.” Or, “it’s (a podcast, but not limited to such podcast in which) my favorite people talking about things that need to be talked about plus a vibrant community of broken people who hang out in the broken together and are cool with it.”

@vishnu If I were describing the community, I'd say... the liturgists are a gabble of beings connecting through a shared sense of other-ness, and loss, and beauty, trying to navigate life and live it well, with love, whilst shedding ideas and masks that no longer serve them or the world.

@vishnu the liturgist in one sentence would be a safe place for community, real discussion about life and spirituality which is enabling people to find a better way of growing together. Or alternatively A alien and a robot talk a lot of shit that somehow makes sense

@vishnu an all-inclusive community that provides a place to explore the deeper,meaningful things of life.

@vishnu a community where doubt and curiosity are heartily celebrated and every iteration of faith is warmly embraced.

@vishnu The Liturgists will be what the Liturgists will be. It just... is...

@vishnu I find it beautifully ironic that the collective voice of response to this question forms a more perfect whole than any one response alone. Each one that I read in like, “yeah, that’s *pretty* good.” But after reading multiple I’m like, “yeah, that’s it.” The answer is nowhere, in particular, but in the collective voice of the people.

@vishnu a group of spiritual misfits:). Someone else gave me that at the Minneapolis gathering and I love it:)

@vishnu A community of humans waking up to the fact that they are all on the same journey.

@vishnu I think it would depend who I was talking to, haha. I'm talking to my pastor, the Liturgist is a "Christian mystic" podcast; if I'm talking to my friends, I refer to it as an inter-faith media organization. I've described it as a support group for lonely people too. :P

@vishnu a podcast focused on the existential impact of thoughtful spirituality, philosophy, art and science. 🤷🏼‍♂️

@Dustin @vishnu An organic community that began with a podcast, and has since grown into a place of encouragement, belonging, and thoughtful growth for the growing number of people who have dared to challenge the notion that any person, church, or organization can own the Divine.

At least, that's my take on it...

@vishnu it’s like being uncomfortably nessled in Abraham’s bussum!

@vishnu you struggled a bit! great. i hoped you could help me to explain it.
Ok first attempt...

Liturgists: a bunch of aliens, robots, and misfits seeking friendship and oneness.

Wait! How do you explain when asked?

Kin: Go to YouTube and watch Guante's "Handshakes" & "Ten Responses to the Phrase 'Man Up'".

@vishnu An open space, a warm place - of seekers, devils and saints.

@vishnu “Love has no borders, nationalities, or genders.” I hope i’m Right to describe this community that way....

@vishnu A community dedicated to discussing the greatest human questions with as much honesty, integrity, and kindness as possible.

@vishnu wandering deconstructed souls basking in the sun-shiny hope and possibility of connectedness to the "this" and our fellow kindred spirits

@vishnu The Liturgists is a community of hope and healing free from negative stereotypes and social constructs where I can engage with interesting and challenging subjects I believe are crucial to the future of humanity and at the same time find wonderful meditations—salve for my soul.

My introduction to the courtesy of a Spotify algorithm which selected and played Vapor. I will never be the same.

The Liturgists is what the audience realized at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. on May 17, 1980.

@vishnu Expanding your thinking in a safe way, with no pressure to change your worldview and at the very same time wooed into a new way of thinking

@vishnu To me, The liturgists podcast has been a safe place where I can hear/think all the thoughts and ideas that explicitly or implicitly where not allowed/accepted/spoken of in my pentecostal upbringing (+ a whole bunch of other stuff :). Very liberating!

@vishnu The Liturgists are... an attempt at holding together people of many different perspectives on science, art, and faith.

The liturgists is an audio version of Mister Roger's Neighborhood for we grown-ups who didn't quite grok it as kids.

@vishnu i have to plunk in my answer before I read everyone else’s but I’m honestly dying of curiosity! I would say it’s a spiritually honest, curious, raw, humorous and open conversation about faith, life, art, and science with a particular lean towards progressive Christianity but with no claims of exclusivity and a growing degree of spiritual exploration. So, a really long, run on sentence. But still just the one.

@vishnu There's a challenge!

A place to have nerdy fun, and sometimes cry, discussing theology and other things too cool and important to appear in most of the mainstream.

@vishnu A community of people that find acceptance through exploration of faith, science, and art.

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