Would anybody in LA like this old custom painted Gungor concert drum head?

@vishnu The art alone is amazing! I mean if there are no takers and Postage to Aus is a real thing then yes please

@vishnu I’m in Santa Barbara but occasionally make it down to LA. I play drums and would love a nautical-themed drum head!!

@kenny_chism @vishnu he’s a drummer and used the word nautical. Clearly the right choice here 👌

@kenny_chism cool, it’s yours if you can grab it soon. 🙂 email to arrange pickup

@vishnu I know a guy in Cincinnati that would gladly frame it and keep it safe and sound ;)...

@vishnu well, I'm not in LA like RIGHT NOW, but I was like a few months ago, does that count?

@vishnu that thing is amaaaazing! If I were in LA, would grab that in a heartbeat.. What size is it? 22"?

@vishnu Hells yes... can you Frisbee that bad boy over to Australia?

@vishnu my wife has a tattoo that takes up about 50% of her upper back that closely resembles this. i'd pay to have this shipped to Kansas (plus extra $ for your time!), or we have friends in the LA area who could get it. :)

@vishnu I thought it was an artful piece of scrimshaw. Goes to show what a difference perspective makes.

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