@vishnu omg the “esoteric analogy time” theme should just be playing from my person 24/7 as a warning to people 😂

@vishnu Esoteric Analogy Time = EAT 😂
Was this chosen or not chosen? Thoroughly enjoying your pod - excited for the book release! 🖤✌🏽❤️

@vishnu any chance we can pre-order the audiobook on ? Don't see it currently if just search the title/your name.

@genobambino it will be there. Trying to decide on scoring or not.. 🤔

@vishnu I love your scores, so my vote is YES PLEASE. Or at least my copy? lol.

THIS content warning 

@vishnu ... wait, you think there’s no free will?
So, you’re a Calvinist...

... 😉

@vishnu I listened because it was next on the que and it started playing. I didn’t choose to listen. However, I really enjoyed it.

What was everyone's "free will" action? Mine was flipping my visor back and forth, it seemed like the safest thing to do while driving.

@vishnu the Free Will episode was so fantastically presented. I can’t decide if Death or Free Will is my favorite so far.. then again I’m an enneagram type 9 so.. what the hell are favorites?

@vishnu the audio from your mom saying “I’m not calling you Vishnu ever” is 100% material for an interlude on your hip hop mix tape.

@vishnu The question of free will isn't trivial, nor is it settled. The more we learn about ourselves at a molecular level, the more free will is cast in doubt. If we're not truly free agents, the social consequences will be profound. I'm struggling with the question of determinism and human agency.

@vishnu Listened to the podcast and I agree, even with your uncertainty where the line lies between determinism and human agency.

I found mindfulness meditation help provide sufficient distance to recognize thoughts simply appear in consciousness. They aren't controllable, they aren't predictable, they just appear, like the rest of our sensations. Buggers the idea of free will.

That begs the question, what is consciousness?

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