Just released the Gungor “Archives” on Apple Music. (Other stores will follow soon.) 33 songs. Clean slate baby!

@vishnu Thank you! I can't wait to hear the wonderful music you and @Lisagungor are making on that clean slate!

@vishnu I'm so happy to hear "Am I" again!!! Best wishes for the future!

@vishnu thank you thank you. I’m going to be listening to this all day on repeat

@vishnu I’m only four songs in, but Lovely Broken? 🤯❤️ Thank you so much and as much as I will miss Gungor, I’m really looking forward to what comes next!

@vishnu delighted to see that there are at least 12 songs i don’t think i’ve heard. so, actual new gungor album woooo 😃

@vishnu also, sorry you have to fight solange for the streams today 😅

@vishnu I Hope one of the tracks is just a super cut of all the times you laughed with delight on the podcast and in life. Ill listen to that on loop... could have some strange long term effects on my psychology, but I'm down with the strange.

@vishnu I’ve been meaning to state since the original One Wild Life releases that the strings in “Ego” eerily remind me of the strings that kick in at about :57 on the House of Cards intro ( Sadly funny and tragic to me considering where the ego of the lead actor of this show led him.

Thanks for freeing this music. I’ve missed much of it since you revised the release of One Wild Life on streaming. Excited to hear what is next for you!

@vishnu I organized the archives and everything into 3 playlists like the original trilogy on SPOTIFY just so everybody knows. theyre titled as youd expect. only song i couldnt find was "moon song"

@vishnu I also gathered all the new songs into a single playlist called "for the goats"

@vishnu What is your favorite piece of art that you did with Gungor?

@vishnu YES! I missed so many of these songs on streaming services (already have the mp3s from being a pass holder but on the go streaming is life right now) thank you! So excited for what's to come next for you!

@vishnu found that yesterday on accident and jammed for the rest of the day! Thank you for putting all of that out there!

@vishnu That first song is stunning. I heard you play it in Columbus a few weeks ago. Thanks for opening up with so much emotion and vulnerability and risk.

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