“Maybe I should be Satanist. Nothing they do offends me.” - @mike on the plane seat next to me just now 😂

@vishnu @mike very good. I have a vegan satanist friend and he is great company. loves rescuing dogs and being kind to people. the only thing that was hard was when his depression caused him to be hurtful (isolating basically, not answering calls and such) but that's due to not being heard when growing up not because he likes seitan. i mean satan.

@vishnu @mike I’ve got a friend who’s both a Satanist and Christian. He’s an active member in The Satanic Temple. He runs the podcast Sacred Tension if you ever wanna hear anything regarding both Christ and Satanism through a nontheistic Episcopalian Satanist.

Yes the young man who does the sacred tension podcast is a lovely person to discuss religion with. He is non judgmental, a good listening and seems genuinely interested.
@vishnu @mike

@auriga @vishnu @mike Stephen and I have been friends for a couple of years. His brain never fails to amaze me.

@auriga it’s not. Stephen and I are trying to figure out some good media platforms to launch the community we want to build. I’ll bring it up to him. Regretfully, we haven’t ventured much into social media outside of his twitter and instagram. I’m currently working with him to set all of that up so we can give more to the people who listen 😁

@vishnu @mike satanists are rad! Also Vishnu- listening to “Archives” - it’s beautiful. Thank you.

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