Thinking tonight about how vitally important religion is for so many people in this world. All of the great traditions have sheltered so many hurting and afraid people for thousands of years. This is worth remembering when we feel the (rightful) need to tear it down or take it apart in pursuit of truth, beauty, and love.

In that, I think I’m wondering if and how religion can be seen as a bed of flowers to be weeded as opposed to a few flowers to be picked out of a bed of weeds. Thoughts?

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@vishnu The longer I live the more convinced I am that a move towards the idea of oneness is the only way religion can be healthy. You hear it in basically every idea of what's "wrong with religion."

"It's about relationship, not religion."

"I don't believe in *organized* religion."

"Social justice and introspection are no different than healthy religion."

All of these ideas touch on the lack of oneness in most religion. It's commentary on the isolation inherent in most practices.

@vishnu Thank you! I've been listening to a lot of your stuff on Buddhism and it's really got me thinking about these things.

Like, every positive experience I've ever had with religion has involved a sense of connection, and every negative experience has involved a (usually intense) degree of separation. It seems to me that a religion which separates and divides, either by theology, or soteriology, or social expulsion, is always a net negative, no matter it's intentions.

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