I’m going to do a special episode of my podcast (THIS) where I answer your questions about the book (THIS). Please post those questions here. (Is this confusing?)

@vishnu Haven't read the book yet, so not sure if THIS is confusing :) (still waiting for the audiobook on audible or the hardcopy arriving to Europe...)

@vishnu how do you reconcile grief with the beliefs that this moment is all we have and that caring/control in general is the cause of suffering. How do we mourn the loss of something that was never ours. Grief feels like the truest and most authentic form of suffering as it exists because of the process of letting go.

@vishnu was the whole walking the dog in the rain story metaphor for masturbation? It sure felt like it, but maybe my mind was thinking of 🤔 that and not THIS! But THIS is really a legitimate question. And yes I’m being totally serious!

@thebamman @vishnu I thought this too.. mainly because that's the only "sin" I know where I'd have this same shame cycle...

I haven't read the book yet and don't know much about it.
What's your favorite color?

@vishnu a question for you about your book that i have not yet read: does the goal to eliminate suffering caused by attachment contradict with our place as humans in this world? do you think that if everyone did so, we would have a humane humanity?

do you think that our egos were given to us as a challenge/barrier to break down and see through, or as a gift to use in rightful ways? should we construct a persona that helps us live to the best of our abilities or break ourselves down to the core?

@vishnu if This is all there is, what, if it's possible at all, does prayer look like? (I have not read the book yet, but have really enjoyed This podcast, thank you for sharing it with us!)

@vishnu you speak of your “embodiment practice” the past 12-18 months as having a deep/profound impact on your conceptualized story of Is-ness/This-ness; how would you suggest we collectively encourage others to embrace practice in order to break the ego stories?

@vishnu So I read the sample of THIS on B&N. I promptly searched where I could get my hands on a copy for my wife and I TODAY. I searched the googles and they pointed me to the Walmarts... I thought you would enjoy the title they have your book listed under and the fact your love letter is perched atop a book dedicated to cooking animal flesh... The universe smiles, doesn’t she... Oh, and most importantly, I love you too, brother. Thank you for sharing your life with me. - Jay in Cincinnati

@vishnu my only real question centers around enlightenment. Your work makes the statement that enlightenment is just the realization of oneness. How does “THIS” show enlightenment and how might I be able to explain this to others who are interested? Most of my conversations on oneness usually make folks think I’m some weird crazy hippie, which I don’t take as an insult or compliment. Thanks for all that you do Vishnu!

@vishnu one of my favorite quotes is: "Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real." - Iris Murdoch
Do you think that love is a lived out understanding of oneness/non-duality?

@vishnu I want to know how your mom reacted when she read the part with the shaman 😂. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us in THIS. I cannot properly express how eye opening THIS book was and how it has changed most of my views on life in a positive way.

@vishnu i find that there is a very fine line between the positive and negative sides of “this is all there is” whereas one could step back too far and not seek change in this world, or have a healthy amount of attachment to seek change but not be suffering whilst looking at how the world is right now. how do you suggest people seek healthy change in their world without being angry or spiteful looking at how the worlds state is right now?

hope this makes sense ahah

@vishnu I wanted to write a question that would get your attention. Then after finishing the post i read it and realized it was an act of ego supremacy. With that realization in mind in the present, i do have a question: How do we incorporate the teachings of THIS when the THIS is a trigger from past trauma?

@vishnu i have been trying to practice radical acceptance of THIS, in any form it may take. However, when my body recognizes a trigger from a past trauma it takes me out of THIS and throws me into the story of my pain. How do we navigate “regaining”our experience of THIS when the THIS we experience is triggering the past? What if meditation is not safe because it elicits an inner world terrorized by past trauma? How do we engage in our practice or THIS in a trauma-informed way?

@vishnu how did seeing THIS change how you see your marriage? And, assuming this is a part of that: Since the ring removal ceremony you had recently, how have your relationships with other women changed? Do you find yourself allowing yourself to enter into more emotionally intimate friendships? What about physically?

@vishnu If I get the word "This" in the typeface from the book cover tattooed on my body can I have free tickets to your shows in the future? I may still do it even if the answer is no, but I figured I'd ask.

@vishnu What should one do practically to maintain the experience of THIS? How do I make sure I’m truly experiencing THIS instead of just forcing an intellectual reminder of the fact that I’m one with THIS (Mood-making)?

@vishnu , I know you did the podcast answering these but I figured i'd post just in case you might get to it at some point. I've listened to all of This podcast (enjoy it very much!) and still can't understand the concept of everything being love. I just read a horrific article about child sex trafficking and I can't fit that idea within love. Can you help me to understand that specific example? Where is the good? Are you saying child sex trafficking is supposed to be? Thanks for all you do!

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