Posted what might be my favorite podcast I’ve ever made this afternoon.

I (and our appropriately nervous manager) would love to hear your reactions and thoughts. 😄

@vishnu - I loved this podcast... more than any other this podcast. Well done. Thank you.

@farmerinthesky @vishnu
But honestly it was awesome to finally hear from YWHW. It was nice to hear (him) speak honestly about whats been going on.

@vishnu Honestly I've been following you on your journey through all the various podcasts and this was the first time some of the ideas "clicked" for me. Not that I have to somehow assent to these thoughts, it just somehow reached me differently today. Hard to explain, but it was deeply impactful.

@vishnu getting a new THIS podcast is the highlight of my week and I really enjoyed this episode as well. definitely an episode I will re-listen to and think about for a while to come. the production value as always is impressive, especially considering your low listener count. I wish I had something smarter to say in response. still digesting it obviously.

@vishnu Quote of the year… “Capitalism does not have nipples”

@vishnu I will of course have some more valuable comment after I listen to the whole thing

@vishnu Really risky way to present your thoughts. But it worked! By the end I was totally with you. Masterful. Of course, like with so many of your listeners, it resonates with my own experience: quit churches in 2002. Now transitioning gender, spirituality, politics, and so much more. Thanks for opening up so many formerly taboo conversations with your podcasts, book, life story, etc. You, Lisa, @mike @hillarymcbride William, and others are my new fellow travelers.

@vishnu just finished it. It was so beautiful! Such a unique idea and I totally am going to listen to it again!

@vishnu This was a really fun and interesting way to frame the idea. It helped me to think about this stuff in a way I hadn't before.

@vishnu finally listened and i loved it!! storytelling is obviously so powerful to us, it makes a lot of sense to play with these ideas in the framework of creative storytelling. thank you for putting out risky content. 🖤

@vishnu The idea of God expressed at varying levels of constriction is a helpful idea. It does, however, make me wonder why the All would ever constrict to the extent that it forgets who it is. Why would the All allow itself to suffer in that way? Is reunion a better state than unbroken eternal union? But I realize those are impossible questions when This is what Is.

@vishnu im curious if anyone else is having an issue downloading and playing it??

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