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Found out my parents are currently reading my book. 😬

Just released the Gungor “Archives” on Apple Music. (Other stores will follow soon.) 33 songs. Clean slate baby!

Tonight I want to share with you all my newest pieces of string art. This first one is inspired by @vishnu 's book, and basically his entire perspective on life that has inspired me so much since losing my Christian faith. Oneness has been a bit of a tough idea for me to wrap my head around, but I've been envisioning interconnectedness. This piece speaks to the multitudes of unique lives that seem so different and separate, but, stepping back, create a messy, wonderful masterpiece.

Omg this episode has me laughing outloud in my office oh sweet lord. Focus on the Family and the Hashman present The Drunk Alien And a The High Robot talking about fuckin’

Would anybody in LA like this old custom painted Gungor concert drum head?

Also, thinking about just releasing all of that archive stuff to all of you. Demos, alternate versions, missing songs...etc

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Been going through old Gungor archive music that isn't up anywhere, and feeling exquisitely sad about the end of this chapter. Odd how sadness can feel strangely satisfying..

We hear a lot from each other on how spiritual community has gone awry. I would love to hear some stories of ways that any of you are experiencing/experimenting with healthy spiritual community right now.

My number one recommendation for books about Buddhism is “The Way of Zen” by Alan Watts. I was reading that book during one of my spiritual awakenings and find it to be one of the clearest portrayals of “the Way” that I’ve ever come across

Any questions you would like us to address in the Buddhist series?

Hi Liturgists!! Michael just gave me a little turtorial, but I still don’t fully understand this app. But I’m here, hi.

Oh no, "toot" is feeling more normal! Almost acceptable, even. I have been brainwashed.

Got me imagining their color commentary:
@vishnu: “And it looks like a man is throwing a ball.”
@mike a number of others are colliding at levels of intensity that can’t be safe”.
@vishnu : “and the ball isn’t caught but there’s a flag. It’s a yellow one so that probably means something.”

I love the standard @mike photo, but who votes for a new @mike selfie for this new platform he got all of us to join? I think you owe us at least that Mike. We can see that shit on Facebook!

Thanks for the responses everybody! Lot of really great ones in there. And fascinating how different the answers are, but somehow are all true!

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New THIS podcast just posted. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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