posting this here because maybe there will be people who have thoughts or suggestions but I'm pretty sure my family/close friends aren't present... because of what I stated above that is not a revelation I have any desire to drop in that context.

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But now... @mike... I have spent the past months listening to you recall every symptom of adult autism and I raise my damn hand every time.

I don't know what to do about it.

I live in Canada. Does anyone know where I go to sanely begin talking with someone about this and how to get myself help/assistance/understanding/whatever.... I see very clearly ways that whatever is up with me has affected me in personal relationships, work relationships, and self relationships... I need help

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Just to be stated... My whole life I've run the opposite direction from self-diagnosis. I never assume I have any distinct malady unless advised by an outside opinion. I google my spots and pains like anyone but never claim a final decision on what I may have.

My whole life I have always thought: I don't get to complain because someone always has it worse... and also I'm the oldest kid and have to always be above and unaffected by everything...

Just finished this quick pirate ship commission. Uncharted waters for me artistically.

Had this sudden scary feeling like "I know too much about things that will never impact my life in any way" -- I would love to be able to feel and compare my mind and stress levels before social media and now.

we aren't supposed to outlive 800 year old works of art 🇫🇷

Feel like a complete failure at everything tonight. Really deeply sad. Alone in a room of people and scared. I feel like everyone had finally seen that I’m really not at all good at what I deeply hope to be good at. I don’t know how to continue.

Tonight I will be up late putting the finishing touches on 11 unique illustrations for a client; tomorrow I will be creating an original painting live in front of a crowd of art and wine enthusiasts. Sunday I will be trying to parent while being completely exhausted. And then Monday right back into it all again. Life seems to be accelerating while I stumble to catch up. But it’s fun at least :)

If it isn't recent it doesn't matter. This seems to be becoming more and more true and it makes me sad.

Lately our every-other-night dinner ritual with my kiddos has been watching ST:TNG

Part way though season 3 now and they are loving it just as much as I did at their age :)

Proud of the minimal coercion on my part. They just honestly love it! And I’m impressed with how well it holds up, except for the occasional leering gaze by Riker it’s still such a great entry for philosophical and ethical conversation!

This is a safe space for airing your grievances with overused current slang terms...

“Here for it”
“I’m about it”

Like fingernails on chalkboards after the hundredth time today.... nothing personal if you use them... it’s the collective weight that is burdensome 😣

Hi everyone! What is inspiring you this morning?

I need some juice to get me drawing today.

A couple of commissioned drawings I'm working on. These are spot illustrations to mark chapters in a memoir style book.

1. Pharisee
2. Glutton

I recently picked up a part time job where I get to walk outside for 4 hours most mornings. A bit of reliable income to supplement my art and design work.

I've lost 10 pounds over the past 2 weeks! 😮

@drew I’m going to do what I can to get lost in some woods somewhere this weekend. Definitely!

Had a dream last night that my boss tasked me with driving to the opposite end of the continent to help out with a project there. I woke up right when they handed me my per diem for the trip 😢
I think my body is longing to travel.

New work in progress. What do you think?? Most of my work is hanging at a show so I needed to get back to painting some more to hang on my own bare walls!

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