(-) family, financial abuse etc 

Is it “financial abuse,” or at least manipulation, if my mother won’t agree to remove her name from my checking account I opened in high school (Now that I am early 20s and graduated)?

See also: my mom is the only one legally allowed to use the account but she lets my dad have the password to the online banking.

See also: if I say I am closing the account and starting up a new one they say they’ll sell my car since my dad put the down payment and is a co-signer…

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@byttyrs for me bi doesn't mean "two genders" it means "double the gay"

Relationships, enneagram, mention of concept of trauma, a question??? 

Heyo. Is it an enneagram 5 thing to not be able to verbally tell friends/family/significant others that you love them or like... trauma and past relationship/weird family dynamics???
Or like... should I just bring this up in counseling tomorrow...

Religion (~) 

So. Today I either don’t go to church to avoid the potential drama (that I myself would make from an over emotional reaction that would hurt more people than it would help) or I visit this cute little church made up of about 10+ older people who meet in a barn surrounded by cornfields.
They are an Episcopal church and happen to have less of a focus on music and also are real casual. I visited once and it was very comforting.

Religion (-) anti lgbtq (-) worship leading (-) 

And like. They still want me to come to church just not be on stage or anything to that extent.

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Religion (-) anti lgbtq (-) worship leading (-) 

Welp. I’ve been casually excommunicated from my church. But. They “still love me” and basically want me to change my “behavior”. Which. Is my believing the bible differently than them and being okay with LGBTQ people including in church leadership. And being okay with being bisexual.
They made this decision today. And told me I won’t be leading this Sunday. Aka. Not leading tomorrow. After having put a lot into in the whole week. And. Years.

I am very tired of living a second life. Or a life that’s capped at a certain level. I can’t fully speak my mind, wear what I want, buy what I want, or be seen with certain people. It’s exhausting. Even when I do get to a space that allows me to be free for a while I’m constantly checking over my shoulder.

I’m excited for someday, but it hurts to be now.

Hello. My new job is ver nice. The human I am now dating is very nice.
Soon other stressful things should become very nice.
Right now is casually waiting with some emotions. But also lots of niceness.

Relationship (+) way too sappy. I’m sorry. 

Update. Yeah. Yeah, I like him.

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Relationship, cuddling, (+) purity culture, church mentioned (~joke) 

Hello. Yes. Why was my church’s version of purity culture extra rude and decide that I could not have cuddling?????? I have discovered that cuddling with a human I like is ver nice and I approve of it much.
Is. So. Nice.
Thank you. Have a nice day.

Relationship (+) way too sappy. I’m sorry. 

*tests microphone softly*
*clears throat*
“Um. Yes. Hello. I uh. Have a second date tomorrow. And. Uh. He is very nice. And um. We have been talking on the phone a lot and stuff. And we talk about all the complex and philosophical things and exchange memes and attempt to flirt via text sometimes. I think I like him.”

Relationship, enneagram (+) 

Okay but my four wing is very much appreciating that this human is currently texting me all the sad memes and I am crying a lot and I love it very much

Rainbow selfie, no ec 

I took this photo back in April and obviously it’s real dramatic, and if I post it not in June then it’s just a regular selfie right 😏

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Welcome to today! I hope you have time to take a deep breath in and out and be reminded that you are pretty awesome to just be existing and stuff.
And if you don’t have time or don’t what to do that, then that’s okay too. Here are some pretty flowers that are thinking about you.


Good morning. PMS adventures means my nipples are sore and I’m a little grumpy, but mostly I am just letting myself be soft today and rest.
Is also raining a lot and is nice and cozy inside.

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Today's gender is contentment and the sound of an orchestra tuning.

I’m feeling quite gay today.
That or I just watched Captain Marvel for the first time...

Can I get paid to climb and sit in trees?
I will still do it in my free time but also. It would be an excellent job I think.

I don’t play piano well but I enjoy pretending I do and that I am just a super chill minimalist music playing person who people would come for miles to see my performance of playing three notes over and over for the sake of *art*

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