Okay. Content warnings are very good and important. The question is, how do I label the content warning without making the label of content triggering itself?
Too generic is not helpful and too specific is defeating the purpose.
Any thoughts?

@winter I think you might need to give us the topic so we can give you ideas

@winter use +/-/~ for good/bad/mixed for general vibe/tone and refer to it by topic/category like uspol for us politics - so higher level categories rather than specifics

I've asked this before, from another account on another insrance, and have gotten nothing but answers like the one I'm giving you now - 1/2

You are absolutely right; in order to actually work, the system requires infinite regress, or "turtles all the way down."

It also unfortunately is giving rise to a Mastodon subculture of holier-than-thou-ness in the form of "I am not going to address what you just wrote but instead I'm going to shame you for not putting some obscure topic behind a CW."

So yeah, all I can say is, bemused shrug, CW is a nice idea that wasn't thought out very well :( - 2/2

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