I’m listening to enneagram things and went on a research adventure making me realize lots of my life can be known by my 5 disintegrating to 7 in a heck ton of stress…
Which also makes me realize why I had to quit my stressful job before making a long term future decision.
In a 7 space my existence is like “live in the moment! You have to be flexible and not tied down in case we change our mind tomorrow!

Also wondering if this is why I can’t stand being in a room with a 7 for too long.



It’s like I am finally in a healthy enough space again to realize what I was doing, and very glad that my self knew (somehow internally) that to make a decision about where my life was going next I needed to take a break from stress...
Maybe the next thing to work towards is how to use 7 in stress in a way that helps me? Or how to tell me “thanks, we can buy some candy, but then we have to plan the fUtUrE okay?”

Also why I can’t commit to in the future plans with friends when stressed?


I must understand my life now... but also some of this understanding will only come from experiencing in the moment... I can’t fix past problems fully bu sitting here and analyzing it. read: I was just thinking about how if a spreadsheet of my actions and phrases I say in stress would be helpful, and if I should do that instead of other important things I need to finish up this morning. Maybe I’ll still do that though..............

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