Rainbow selfie, no ec 

I took this photo back in April and obviously it’s real dramatic, and if I post it not in June then it’s just a regular selfie right 😏

Hello. Today is purple lipstick day as proclaimed by me for myself.
(Photo of self, no EC)

Welcome to today! I hope you have time to take a deep breath in and out and be reminded that you are pretty awesome to just be existing and stuff.
And if you don’t have time or don’t what to do that, then that’s okay too. Here are some pretty flowers that are thinking about you.

Christianity, Bible, binary gender norms, way too much sarcasm. 

Fuck yeah. Time for me to become a man. A real man of god. My email just knows me. Ya know. Gotta read the Bible as inspired to manly men and not those womens.
Ope. Wait. I’m a female and gotta find a husband still.

I think this is from relevant magazine? I’m not sure what email subscription list decided my gender 😂

The Gay Agenda™️
Alt. Caption: “Look mom. We match”

So. I was real confused because I did not remember subscribing to a church podcast... but it’s actually just the THIS Podcast and some glitch in my app 😂

It said I had no media so here is the picture I drew on a to-go tea cup.

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