Relationship (+) way too sappy. I’m sorry. 

Relationship, cuddling, (+) purity culture, church mentioned (~joke) 

Relationship (+) way too sappy. I’m sorry. 

Relationship, enneagram (+) 

Rainbow selfie, no ec 

Rainbow selfie, no ec 

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Welcome to today! I hope you have time to take a deep breath in and out and be reminded that you are pretty awesome to just be existing and stuff.
And if you don’t have time or don’t what to do that, then that’s okay too. Here are some pretty flowers that are thinking about you.


mental health 

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Today's gender is contentment and the sound of an orchestra tuning.

I’m feeling quite gay today.
That or I just watched Captain Marvel for the first time...

@drew I’ll let you know when my first performance is 😆

Can I get paid to climb and sit in trees?
I will still do it in my free time but also. It would be an excellent job I think.

I don’t play piano well but I enjoy pretending I do and that I am just a super chill minimalist music playing person who people would come for miles to see my performance of playing three notes over and over for the sake of *art*

Relationship, purity culture 

Relationship, flirting, (+) 

Relationship, consent (+) 

Relationship, consent (+), swearing 

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