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Today also consists of catching up on podcasts, drinking tea, reading a book called “Thistle and Thyme: Tales and Legends from Scotland”, feeding doggos, washing dishes, and generally making the house I lived in for the past five days look like I did not live here.

Today’s the last day of dog sitting. The dogs finally all love (or tolerate) me. Lots of these dogs were rescue dogs and the family just fosters them. There is one dog, who I named Kevin, who hid under furniture when I was in the room, stayed out in rain for an hour to avoid seeing me inside, and did not eat the first day. Now they come up to me to get pets and is so excited to see me.
Sadly it reminds me of myself when I avoid humans and then just puke my emotional self on then occasionally 😂

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I am dog sitting 14 dogs for the next 5 days.
Did you know? Dogs smell.
Like. That has two meanings, but I can smell so many dogs right here and now.

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Hello. I post here 12 times all at once or like not at all for two weeks. Plz enjoy. Thank.
Have a nice day. Stay hydrated and don’t stay up too late on your phone. Maybe listen to a birb singing?

You know that feeling when you quit your job and it’s so nice but then you stop and think: oh yeah. I need a job now.

Would anyone like to just support me financially to live my life creating arts and musics and writing and speaking and loving people and existing dramatically? And traveling and going back to school and paying off loans...? Oh. And eating foods I guess.
I guess I have to find a job then. Boo.

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@martaparta I feel that!
When I’ve been friends with someone long enough they generally learn that they get a casual gift for normal human gift occasions, and on a random Tuesday they will get a really cool gift just because I found it and thought of them.
I guess some people do that and save those gifts for an occasion? But I’m impatient so they get it right away. 😆

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