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So I told my friends that I'm rooming with on this trip about my crush. The guy I like hung out with us for most of the day, but I still have no idea if he likes me romantically at all.

But we're about to watch some anime together lol. Apparently all four of them already watch anime and I'm the only newbie. So this will be interesting.

Schedules/Planners/Bullet Journals 

Church denomination change decisions 

So. I was real confused because I did not remember subscribing to a church podcast... but it’s actually just the THIS Podcast and some glitch in my app 😂

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-Insert me making jokes about conservative Christianity- 

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Yes hello, I have painted a thing instead of watching the super bowl/socializing with my family.

It said I had no media so here is the picture I drew on a to-go tea cup.

Okay. Content warnings are very good and important. The question is, how do I label the content warning without making the label of content triggering itself?
Too generic is not helpful and too specific is defeating the purpose.
Any thoughts?

I have not been to work in a full week because of my boss calling me off from snowy/cold weather.
How does one human again? Do you have to wear pants?

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I’m yelling at religion in (kinda) poetry form 

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‪Be so good at typos that autocorrect shrugs and gives up. ‬

I just started watching The Good Place and I don’t know if I’m annoyed that I have not watched it sooner or if I think it’s cheesy.

I am pretending to know what I am doing. This does not just apply to a new social platform. This applies to my life in general.

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