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Relationship, flirting, (+) 

Relationship, consent (+) 

Relationship, consent (+), swearing 

Relationship, consent (+) 

When @DinoNuggets fully has embraced their 8 type and opens the door to tell the rain to “fackoff” looks me in the eyes and says, “give it some minutes” fully expecting the rain to stop on their demand

Hello. Today is purple lipstick day as proclaimed by me for myself.
(Photo of self, no EC)

Welcome to today! I hope you have time to take a deep breath in and out and be reminded that you are pretty awesome to just be existing and stuff.
And if you don’t have time or don’t what to do that, then that’s okay too. Here are some pretty flowers that are thinking about you.

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So we have a trans rooster now! Mabel has decided he’s a boy now. It’s never happened before with our chickens so we’re a little confused that our hen has started crowing and being aggressive-rooster after a couple years of laying eggs but it’s cool we support him. Ideas on a new name lol?

Gosh. I like having feelings sometimes. They can be very nice and just. Nice.
Now... how to feel them and not go look up all the science of chemical responses and over analyze this moment. 😆🙃

Date adventures: tea boi (food mentioned) 

Date adventures: tea boi 

Date adventures: tea boi, (swearing) 

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Dating app adventures: Tea Boi 

Hi hello. I have a lot of sparkly emotions at the moment. Like. So many. And I just wanted to say that.
Thank you.

Dating app adventures??? Things happening??? 

Dating app adventures 

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Adam and Eve AND Adam and Steve. It's the Bible, not the Straightble.

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This is one of those mornings where I just feel securely bisexual.

Advice for not being “out” but wanting to date? 

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