Does everyone get saved? | Justice Worriers Episode 17
Andy, Leah and Jörg wrestle with the ideas around heaven that have dominated evangelical consciousness: who is in and who is out? How can we imagine a God who keeps some people out, and what would it mean for people to write themselves out of God's story? Does people's intrinsic value change based on what they do? How does what we believe about who is included affect the way we treat others?

Store Advice

Dear sir or madam,

Can I buy reassurance
In your newly re-opened
Non-essential shop?

If I queue patiently
Follow the one way system
And stay 2 metres apart.

Can I purchase, consume
And acquire
Comfort and relief?

If I rehearse the familiar
Clutching a shopping bag
Browsing the aisles.

Will I find stability
Nestled on the shelf
Freshly wiped.

On the sparsely populated
Neon lit shop floor
Will I forget for a moment

Until I come back
Face to perspex face
With reality.


Aaaaand is back! I am told the instance accidentally got deleted 😳😬 😂 but it's back now baby!

I hope
peace and
presence and
catch you unawares
just when you need them

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