"Perhaps quantum physics can help us reclaim what we’ve lost because our dualistic minds couldn’t understand or experience the living paradox that Jesus represents. Now science is confirming there is no clear division between matter and spirit. Everything is interpenetrating. As Franciscan scientist and theologian Ilia Delio says, “We are in the universe and the universe is in us.”
-Richard Rohr

@yellowasthesunshine the intersection of physics and faith makes my heart soar. This is delightful!

@yellowasthesunshine I was watching Brian Cox on JRE recently and he was talking about how Robert Oppenheimer said pretty much the same thing in 1953 (minus the Jesus stuff of course) Heres the sound clip @3:45 in

I love how the more we get to know nature through science, the more 'evolved' our thought processes become. Beautiful!

@yellowasthesunshine I’ve been returning to non-dual truths and paradox recently. It’s something that feels right to me on a deep level. like it’s familiar yet super weird and unfamiliar when you’re like trying to explain it to yourself in a logical way.

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