Just got my ticket! 🎉
Who else is going to LA? Also, hit me up if you're coming from San Diego and want to carpool.

@yonts I got my ticket too, but I’m coming from the other side of LA. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the Lit fam in person.

@maryg987 I'm gonna have to pick your brain about Ram Dass sometime. I just finished Pete Holmes' new book and the last 25%-ish is centered around his experiences with RD. I listened to Experiments in Truth a few months ago, but I was never able to fully connect with it the way I wanted to. I recently started Polishing the Mirror and feel like I'm absorbing more of it. Would love to hear about your experiences with his retreats and I'm looking forward to meeting you at T+W!

@yonts Anytime! I’m about halfway through Pete’s book and really enjoying it. I saw Pete with Rob Bell on Thu in LA. Sometimes RD’s books can be easier than the recordings because it lets me go at my own pace rather than the quickness of the talks. I found his teachings after his stroke and the slower pace works much better for me. A friend gave me a great hack for the podcasts - listen to them at half-speed. It slows him down, but it doesn’t mess up the quality (hope that made sense).

@maryg987 Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try it out. I just listened to the third lecture in Experiments and kept pausing it to absorb just a small fraction of what he was saying.

@yonts - it’s soooo dense! I often assume I’m hearing what I need and the rest will come later as needed or when I revisit it.

@yonts i am considering going to this! idk though, i’ll let you know!

in general it’s nice to know(ish) someone in southern california! i’m in palm springs area but my sisters are in sd and my husband and i hope to get out there more often!

@riayngrey Hope you can make it to T+W; I'd love to meet you and your husband sometime! So, anytime you're in the SD area, lemme know. I'm about 45 minutes away from the city right now, but will probably move back down there in a few months.

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