@zachallann lol yeah, I didn't think about how that would make it different.

Well Saturday should be a very interesting experience.

@zachallann Thanks for the insight. Did you have any meditation practice before your first float?

FB, IG, and TW’s Death Grip on Commerce 

@mike Would it be possible for you to hire out a person to handle managing those social accounts so you can still have the benefits of being on the platform without the need for you personally to be on them?

I'm floating for the first time this weekend. Does anyone have any tips/tricks/recommendations for me?

@WolfDreamer I just finished Everything Belongs and found it to still be completely relevant even though it was first publish in 1990.

@keaton omg, every episode has been wonderful. The last five minutes of Sunday's episode were perfect.

@paco What wonderful forces are allowing you to do that all week? Are you a dev?

@Allison Whoa! This was just an empty space. So cool watching everything come together.

@mike What video game you were playing that kept you up so late. Didn't sound like Dwarf Fortress.

@dwagoner @mike I do freelance video/photo work on the side plus 5-10 wedding films a year. I think I generated close to 2TB of files in 2018.

Does anyone have a preference for a cloud storage solution? I have many video/photo projects sitting on external drives and listening to @mike on the recent TAATR reminded me I need to have a better storage solution.

@zachallann he did. an updated version was released just last year. I've started reading it and it's fascinating.

All About Love #theliturgistsbookclub 

The definition of love presented in the first chapter ("the will to extend one's self for the the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth") has me rethinking growing up with my family and inside the church.

Both the church and my parents wanted me to grow but only inside the boundaries they constructed.

If I felt this defined type of love from my parents I would be comfortable talking to them about my faith journey, but I don't at all.

@boxian @mike Dollars wise, I understand. Looking at what shows are currently in their line-up, The Liturgists just seems outside what they generally seem to do.

Startup did do that mini-season on starting a church, but that fit within the idea of the podcasts.

@mike @boxian Gimlet wanted The Liturgists to be part of their network?

@Tobi I can totally relate. I told my wife the other day that I always feel like I should lose 5 pounds. Felt the same even when I was working out constantly. I'm 6'2" and weigh around 175, so I am, by all accounts, fairly thin.

I haven't worked out since our son was born just over a year ago and, while I haven't gained more than a couple pounds, I can feel how out of shape I am, which bothers me more now than any weight gain.

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