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Finding people who are at a similar spot as you in life is really like taking a deep breath of fresh air. We aren’t alone. Inhale. Exhale.

I thought this belongs here. It’s an interesting idea... Eve choosing to leave the garden.

I think this will resonate deeply with many of you. Books have certainly become a safe haven for me in recent years.

@christian_rincon i started crying about 10 seconds into that film. which may be a record. barry jenkins is a true master.

Has anyone else seen the film 'First Reformed'?

I only just sat down to watch it today but it has instantly become without a doubt one of the most important films I have ever seen. It deals heavily with the despair of climate change, but also bringing Shalom to a world in disarray. I can't stop thinking about it and especially this line from the Reverend in the film: "Every act of preservation is an act of creation. Everything preserved renews creation. It's how we participate in creation."

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