Has anyone else seen the film 'First Reformed'?

I only just sat down to watch it today but it has instantly become without a doubt one of the most important films I have ever seen. It deals heavily with the despair of climate change, but also bringing Shalom to a world in disarray. I can't stop thinking about it and especially this line from the Reverend in the film: "Every act of preservation is an act of creation. Everything preserved renews creation. It's how we participate in creation."

'First Reformed' movie spoilers, death 


Great movie! I saw it in the theater when it came out.

The meaning of the ending is disputed. When I first saw it, I thought it went black at the end because the bomb went off.

But, after reading some online spoiler reviews, I'm pretty sure the dancing scene is a vision right before the minister's suicide death. It was his "holy ground" before dying (discussed earlier in the film).

Good climate change message, too. I enjoyed it.

'First Reformed' movie spoilers, death 

@DanVincent This is what I think too!! That ending is tremendously haunting

@zachallann I watched the film just last weekend and have been infatuated with it since. Paul Schrader, the writer/director, has given multiple talks about the film and transcendental film style over the last year that I highly recommend watching on YouTube.

Alissa Wilkinson from Vox wrote a great review of the film as well:

@zach That was such a wonderful review. Thanks for sharing!

I was especially struck by this: "First Reformed understands, in a rare and terrifying way, the mental toll of feeling like either an exile or a dangerous apostate within one’s faith community, alienated both from a caring God and from the platitudes that seem to satisfy others in the pews — of becoming convinced that if you’re not frightened then you’re purposely shutting yourself off from reality."

@zach I will definitely need to watch his talks and dig more into his transcendental film style. I believe he has a published book about it as well.

@zachallann he did. an updated version was released just last year. I've started reading it and it's fascinating.

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