@Sabrina Aha I just have to say I'm so delighted by this Hamilton reference/pun. Also... what a dream it would be to have LMM on the pod ✨

@justincalebbryant Sounds exciting! Mind sending me a link when the episodes are up? I’d be happy to listen :)

@Reina Oh I feel the weight of this so much 😞 I am right there with you. It is exhausting maintaining a healthy relationship with family. I consistently feel like I’m on the verge of tears trying to do it. You are not alone.

@Mwb76 Not so much as a child, but when I really started thinking about it in my later teen years I became convinced any form of eternity where the ego could continue on in infinite perpetuity would actually be hell. Perhaps it could be a good time for the first few thousand years, but in my trillionth year of eternity would I really still be amused? I can only imagine I would be begging for non-existence. So ultimately I found comfort in knowing that someday my ego (conscious mind) will die.

@JarettBonner Oh wow. What a beautiful and wise piece of advice. Now I’m teary-eyed 😢

Interreligious dialogue, monasticism 

@Juice This looks like an incredible film. Do you know where I can watch this online? So far all I see is the option to purchase a DVD copy.

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Finding people who are at a similar spot as you in life is really like taking a deep breath of fresh air. We aren’t alone. Inhale. Exhale.

@VickyMcKinney The book and podcast sound so interesting. I haven’t read any Rohr though and I’ve been wondering if this would be a good starting point or if there’s a better intro book 🤔

@Natalie This is the question I ask every day. I hope there are some helpful answers to this.

@zach The most notable thing I experienced (especially the first couple sessions), is, within the stillness and level of quiet in the tank, I noticed that my thoughts became REALLY loud. It’s like the volume dial inside my head got turned way up. That was a big moment of realization for me because I realized that our minds are these vast, swirling oceans of endless thought but most of us never get quiet enough to hear any of it. I think floating is an incredible method to get quiet!

@zach A little bit. Just the basics. It’s different meditating in a soundless, pitch- black void of emptiness though 😂

@pjbroadwick Fascinating! I love hearing about process details like this. Thanks for sharing and please share the rest of the work you do in this series.

I thought this belongs here. It’s an interesting idea... Eve choosing to leave the garden.

I think this will resonate deeply with many of you. Books have certainly become a safe haven for me in recent years.


@Ricci I started crying in the first few seconds of Beale Street. Barry Jenkins is incredible.

@zach During my first time, the silence was excruciating. My brain was not used to being that still for that long so you might experience something similar. It took me about 3 or 4 floats until I could sustain a meditative state for longer than 10-20 minutes. The feeling of dissolving into the water and losing sense of my body would make me panic and rip me out of the experience at first but slowly you learn to surrender.
Hope your first experience goes well! :) ✌🏼

@zach Being familiar with meditation is key. Also, on a practical level, do your best not to wipe your eyes or get your face wet. The saltwater stings a lot and takes away from the experience.
It’s normal to take a while getting the hang of things and finding your “balance”. Experiment with different positions (arms beside, arms above).

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