I carry two phones: one is personal and one is for work.

My wife carries two phones, one is for Pokemon Go and the other one is also for Pokemon Go.


You have heard it said:

"If all you have is a hammer, then every problem is a nail."

But I say unto you: "When all I have is a hammer, I can't find where I put that damn nail. I swear I set it down right here..."

With this being our first New Years Eve in a big city, I was surprised by the fireworks yesterday. The entire urban horizon we could see from our back porch was full of fireworks displays. It was pretty magical.

Stressed my dogs out though...


Really bad pun 

I am amazed at how much dark modes improve my digital experiences.

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🎸Give some gold to your #witcher

O valley of plenty,
o valley of plenty, oh oh oh 🎶

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the six days between Christmas and New Years are lawless purgatory. You are allowed to commit all the crime you want.

So I'm not big on lunch breaks at my job. Stopping for an hour kills the flow and I'm lethargic for the rest of the afternoon. Does that make me a class traitor?

Let's all pray for whoever made a fresh pot of coffee at the office on the day after Christmas at 4PM. They need it for some reason.

Google tried to tell me it was 17 minutes to work. Try adding 48 hours to that! 😁😁😁

Time for a couple of days off.

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Being tired is not a badge of honor. It doesn't make you more worthy, it just means you're tired.

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Family, Star Wars, No Spoilers 

Managed to brave the crowds to see the San Antonio Riverwalk all decorated for Christmas. No pictures because people taking pictures impede the flow of traffic, but it was nice. 🎄

Do you like watching circles go round and bars fill up? Then IT Helpdesk might be the career for you!

Today my coworker found two unopened cans of Red Bull in the parking lot.

We drank them.

(We're still alive)

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