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Wonder Woman 1984 gets a Christmas debut on HBO Max - WarnerMedia today announced that its next big superhero movie, Wonder Woman 1984, will debut in glob... - #media

So far I have fought the urge to go and make a nuisance of myself on Parler. So far...

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2020 Presidential Election - Satire 

And here I was thinking the Onion was satire. Apparently they are mind-reading organization now. 🤣😂🤣😂

"Jubilant Reaction To Trump Defeat Quickly Soured By News Of Biden Win"

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I suspect many of us struggle more with our jobs than with our work.


Has anyone found any new food they like because the store didn't have their usual in stock?

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Elizabeth Warren for President open-sources its 2020 campaign tech - Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren may have ended her 2020 presidential run, but the tech used to d... more: #opensourcetechnology #democraticparty #elizabethwarren #massachusetts #2020election #supertuesday #politicians #government #president #real-time #facebook #senator #amazon #github #google #api #cto #sms


The downside of working from home is that I have to use my own toilet paper.

Why do the dogs get to decide when I get up in the morning?

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Toxic purity culture 

The purity episode reminded me my Church would every February poke the bottoms of Valentine's chocolates and say no one wanted them now because you poked to see what was inside. This was supposed to be a metaphor for the fact if you had sex before marriage you were poked open and no one would want you anymore because someone already saw what you were. I'm countering that by buying a box of Valentine's chocolates poking all the bottoms out and eating them with my eyes closed


It has been several months since my wife and I have been to church. Not since we moved to a new city. And that's okay. I'm not in a rush and it feels good. Might get back to it soon. We'll see if I dream about church tonight like I did last Saturday night.

Bojack Horseman spoilers 

Any fans of out there? What did you think/feel about the last few episodes?

I needed to finish setting up a laptop for a new employee that starts on Monday but ran out of time on Friday. I was going to finish remotely today, but I forgot to set the laptop to not go to sleep. *sigh*

I carry two phones: one is personal and one is for work.

My wife carries two phones, one is for Pokemon Go and the other one is also for Pokemon Go.


You have heard it said:

"If all you have is a hammer, then every problem is a nail."

But I say unto you: "When all I have is a hammer, I can't find where I put that damn nail. I swear I set it down right here..."

With this being our first New Years Eve in a big city, I was surprised by the fireworks yesterday. The entire urban horizon we could see from our back porch was full of fireworks displays. It was pretty magical.

Stressed my dogs out though...


Really bad pun 

I hope to see things with more clarity in 2020.

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