Strange request, for me at least. Does anyone know of a good, conservative-Christian apologetics book? By good I mean something that uses actual evidence to support Christianity. I’m not looking to defend a religion I no longer subscribe to. However, I would like to be able to see conservative Christianity in its most optimistic, yet fact based, light, given so many people I love participate in it.


@bduncan this might be a little tangential to what you're actually looking for, but The Case For Christ (Lee Strobel) is one of *the* go-to books for Evangelical apologetics.

Also, maybe it's just his god-tier command of prose, but I've always found that C S Lewis articulates Christianity quite beautifully.

@bduncan also, I want to honour the spirit of your request. It's one thing looking for a deeper understanding of something you don't believe so you can tear it down. It's quite another putting in that effort to find solidarity.

Huge thumbs up mate 👍

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