I’d just like to point out that the continued use of endnotes when footnotes are so obviously superior is concrete evidence of the existence of evil.

@sven they’re not only useless, they’re actively hostile to reading. Let me know at a glance if this is simply a reference, or if it is that gloriously elaborate parenthetical digression that footnotes provide. Nothing worse than awkwardly turning to the footnotes in hope of more, only to discover a mere reference.

@mattwiebe @sven I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Even if it is just a reference, I don't want to have to dig through the endnotes to find the correct number of the correct chapter while keeping my place.

The only time I'd consider endnotes a saving grace is when a majority of the references are gloriously elaborate parenthetical digressions. Try fitting two of those on a page and you're basically reading two lines of text and the footnotes. Which can get distracting.

@hazzard @sven look, if gloriously elaborate parenthetical digressions don’t need to be spread over multiple pages, what even is the point ;)


@mattwiebe @sven haha. I suppose the "gloriously parenthetical" did kinda set that up. Fair play 👌

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