Hey @mike and @vishnu !

I was noticing that for Tabs & Wafers in Chicago on July 27, both the general admission tickets and the Q&A tickets are showing the same start time (event at 8pm, doors open at 7pm). Not sure if I'm missing something?

We have a group of us coming from Michigan, some with Q&A tickets and some not, so we would love to figure out official start times to plan out our trip. :) Thanks!!

@mike thanks! I needed that info as well. Also, @Kaitlyn1994 I hope you don’t mind this Central Illinois kid crashing your Michigan party because I would like to meet you all!

@Megra3 @mike Yeah Megan, we would love for you to join us! Are you doing Q&A or no? Our group is split with four of us doing general admission and two of us (including me) doing Q&A. I can definitely include you in our trip details as we get closer!

@Kaitlyn1994 @mike I am doing Q &A! And yes please include me! Thank :)

@Megra3 Are you on Facebook or no? If you are, you could search "Michigan Liturgists Fans" and request to join the group, where we do most of our organizing. It's simpler if you're on Facebook, but I'm happy to be intentional about including you in the discussion via Mastodon. Also, are you planning on staying overnight or no?

@Kaitlyn1994 yes I’ll go ahead and find that group. Thanks!

@Kaitlyn1994 I am staying overnight. My cousin lives near the city so I’m just going to Uber to her house after the show:)

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