In it is snowing and the ❄️ looks like glitter. I don't think I could be any happier with the sight from my window right now.

@sarahwright did y'all get a bad freeze this week? i love the snow but the cold here in mn is tough!

@cmr it's been super cold, but nothing that y'all are dealing with. low I've seen here is 2 degrees. lots of school closing though from snow and temps being too cold. how are y'all doing up there?

@sarahwright haha. had no idea if this stuff hit out that way or not. -63 was the low wind chill, actual temp something like -33. and tomorrow it's going to be high 30s with rain. 😎

@cmr WHOA. have there been any big pushes in your area to help people experiencing homelessness? my heart breaks for people outside in that kind of cold.

@sarahwright our city has done some cool things on those really tough days - bus rides were free for anyone needing to get in from the cold, library and a few other places open extra hours, etc. and a handful of temporary shelter spaces too. the nice thing is it happens just often enough that we can prepare for it. 👍

@cmr that's so great. I love hearing these stories, it gives me more hope for the future of humanity. (well, really, the present)

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